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The Dragon Table

Scandinavian style

The magic of Nordic myth paired with exquisite Scandinavian design & craftsmanship brings life to a harmonious and exciting piece of furniture.

The Dragon Table is made from select finnish wood, alder and elm, that lends to the table a warm pleasing sensation. The center table has a big hand crafted Nordic ornamental carving inside. It is decorated with a warm 23 carat gold leaf finish and covered with an optional glass table top.
The Dragon Table

A modular table

The most exciting thing about The Dragon Table is its flexibility. It consists of two different modules, the center table and the outer table. The center table can be used alone or combined with a number of outer tables. The outer tables can also be put together to form different constellations.
The Dragon Table - variations

Endless possibilities

- A central art piece in the room that is sure to attract the attention of any visitor.
- A conference table that can be easily extended to fit the size of the group.
- A dining table that can be assembled in many exciting ways.
- A ceremonial table for the guests of honor in a graduation party or at a wedding.
The Dragon Table - conference setting

A circular meeting

The Dragon Table is designed to facilitate focus in a group. The shape of the table is the oldest of shapes. From ancient times our ancestors have gathered in a Circle to hold counsil. Three big dragons guard the Circle and hold the sacred in the center, from where three fountains of creativity spring. The ancient Nordic symbol of the Divine Nature, the Triskele, is placed in the center of the Circle to strengthen a focused and well structured flow of creativity.

The Circle knows no hierarchy and supports all its members equally. This presents a possibility for real democracy where everyone is empowered to take their role in the meeting.
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